Friday Feature: Interview with Fabiyas M.V.

Each week, the editors of Jenny Magazine sit down with either fellow literary magazine editors or past Jenny contributors for short interviews. This week’s interview is with Fabiyas M.V., a past contributor of Jenny Magazine.

Describe your first publication. Where was it, when, and what was the piece about? How old were you at the time and how did it feel?

I was first published in a regional magazine in Kerala, India in 1986; I was 12 years old. The poem was about nature. I still remember those heavenly inspired moments with wonder.

What inspired your piece in the Jenny?

“From Gaza” was inspired by the cruel massacre of innocent women and children in Gaza.

What got you into writing?

I got into writing through genetic influence, inspiration, and burning experience in my life.

What do you like writing the most? Is there a certain style you prefer?

I like poetry; I prefer to write free verse.

What are your influences? Who are your favorite writers?

The greatest influence in my life is my dad M.V. Alikutty, who was a writer in Malayalam language. My favorite writers are William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Pearl S Buck, and Robert Frost.

What’s your proudest moment as an author?

It was when my book Kanoli Kaleidoscope was published by US publisher PunksWritePoemsPress.

How has your writing developed over time?

I know I’ve steadily progressed from the immature to the mature, acquiring depth and variety.

Are you currently working on anything?

Yes: I am giving finishing touches to my first book of short fiction.

What’s your writing process?

I scribble what flows spontaneously out of my mind, and I arrange them in order later, giving finishing touches.

What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading The Literary Hatchet Issue 14.

Are you a past Jenny contributor or an editor at a literary magazine and interested in an interview? Send us an email.


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