Ladies of Jenny: Meet Amanda Miller

In celebration of our upcoming women’s issue, we wanted to introduce you to a few of the great ladies of Jenny Magazine. Submissions for Issue 11, dedicated to exclusively featuring writing and art by female-identifying creators, close on September 10. We hope to see your work!

Amanda Miller
YSU Student Literary Arts Association Secretary
Jenny Magazine Issue 11 Poetry Editor

Major: MFA in Fiction

I read Young Adult books widely. I prefer from there fantasy, sci-fi, horror, speculative, fairy tales, and magic realism the most. I’m really down for anything with the right kind of character arcs, world-building, and subversions of expectations.

Despite my panache for all things fantasy, I tend to lean towards an askew “real” world in writing. Of course, most of my characters end up being young adults. I think it’s such a strange time in life that I can imagine more possibilities there. I’m currently working on a novel length YA story that weaves local lore and contemporary problems.

When not writing or reading, I am drinking coffee, thinking about what I am currently reading, plotting my latest work, listening to soundtrack music, or rewatching Game of Thrones.


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