Friday Feature: Interview with Stephanie Couey

Each week, the editors of Jenny Magazine sit down with either fellow literary magazine editors or past Jenny contributors for short interviews. This week’s interview is with Stephanie Couey, a past contributor of Jenny Magazine.

Describe your first publication. Where was it, when, and what was the piece about? How old were you at the time and how did it feel?

My first publication was a couple of poems I’d written as an undergrad for class, in a small Idaho journal called the Whistle Pig.  I think I was 22.  It felt encouraging.

What inspired your piece in the Jenny?

Living in Idaho.

What got you into writing?

Reading a lot as a child I think, and then needing to put my own stories and feelings into words.

What do you like writing the most? Is there a certain style you prefer?

Anything.  I like writing hybrid essays which incorporate looser elements of poetry and language play with more typical essay-like exploration of a topic.

What are your influences? Who are your favorite writers?

My influences are largely my peers.  I have an amazing group of writers in Colorado.  I am also hugely influenced by femininity, by my own body, by life experience, by raw emotion.  My favorite writers are Elena Ferrante, Junot Diaz, Mary Gaitskill, Lisa Robertson, many many others, and my friends.

What’s your proudest moment as an author?

Getting “The Trough” published in Anamesa Journal in 2016.

How has your writing developed over time?

It’s gotten more strange, more loose, but also more concise.

Are you currently working on anything?

I’m revising my masters thesis right now to send out to first book contests in poetry.

What’s your writing process?

Daily ramblings which either do or don’t go anywhere.  Often I write in the morning, or throughout the day on my phone or in a notebook.

What are you currently reading?

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante.

Stephanie Couey’s story “The Country Estate” can be found in Issue 8 of Jenny Magazine.

Are you a past Jenny contributor or an editor at a literary magazine and interested in an interview? Send us an email.


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