Time for a Goodbye

So it seems my time at YSU is finally up. It’s been a fun, challenging, and sometimes surreal experience. I’ve had plenty of interesting experiences during my college career, but joining Jenny Magazine has easily been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done.

Being a member of the Student Literary Arts Association has made me realize that Youngstown truly has a wonderful and active arts community, and I’m glad that SLAA has let me experience some of that. It’s been great working with everyone else involved with it as well. Reading for the magazine was a great experience simply because there is such a wide variety of stories to be read and voices to be heard. There are so many unique voices here in the Youngstown area (and all over, really), and it was a pleasure to read what they all had to say.

It’s been great. I wish the Student Literary Arts Association the best for the future, and I look forward to what they have planned next.

—Mark Toth, YSU Student Literary Arts Association and Jenny Staff Member


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