Introducing the Companion Zine

Jenny Magazine was created in 2010 to share the literary arts of the Youngstown area as well as works from other regions — places as close as Pennsylvania and as far away as South Korea. The idea was to open up a dialogue between our hometown and the rest of the world, and show that we are still creating wonderful things here. An online format for this purpose just made sense.

I personally joined Jenny in 2013 and fell in love with the work we do. I have read so many amazing poems, short stories, and nonfiction essays in my time on staff, and I’m always straight-up giddy to share them with everyone else. When it came my turn to take the responsibility as head editor, I was excited to continue the mission. But I also wanted to add something new.

The idea of doing print editions of Jenny was a floating thought, but as amazing as they are and as fun as they can be to put together, they are also time consuming and expensive. And I like the online literary magazine, as it makes it that much easier for writers and readers alike to share their favorite pieces with their friends, family, the world.

Then, it hit me after some reading of my own: a companion zine, a sampler that would showcase the editors’ favorite pieces from each section, adding a physical component to Jenny without losing our original premise.

And so, I present you the companion zine for Issue 10:

You can grab a copy or two for yourself at the Jenny Magazine Issue 10 Premiere Party happening Thursday! We’ll be celebrating at The SOAP Gallery in Downtown Youngstown starting at 7pm, and I hope you’ll join us! Details can be found on our Facebook event.

—Jordan McNeil, SLAA President and Jenny Head Editor


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