Sneak Peek: Eddie Loves Debbie by DK&CB

Hey there pretty people! As you all may or may not know, spring semester is in full swing! That means a lot of nail-biting, coffee comas, and 18 page papers! We’re finally getting back into the groove and gearing up for our “Eddie Loves Debbie” issue! And what better way to that than by giving you all a sneak peak of what a few of us have been writing for the issue? So, without further ado, here is a little preview of a story written by yours truly and Chris Brady.


It was cold. Unbearably cold. In fact, Eddie couldn’t remember a time in his life where he felt warm. He walked along Phelps Avenue, glancing into windows, looking for a place to stay the night. He stopped in front of one of the recessed entrances to a long-abandoned building. He could fit comfortably in there and it would effectively block the unpleasantly chill wind. Eddie peered up and down the street, making sure no cops were around, and tossed his back pack in the corner. Sitting down next to it, he delicately unfastened the zipper and pulled out a tattered blanket. He threw the blanket around his shoulders and began to rifle through the back pack.

He started emptying the contents of the back pack in front of him, looking at all the treasures he had found that day. In front of him sat a can of Coke-a-Cola, a silver dollar, and a half-eaten sandwich that he’d convinced a waitress to give him. Before he did anything, he would have to put the silver dollar into his savings account, or so he liked to call it. Eddie pulled out a rusted, old Folgers’s coffee can. He opened it, tossed the silver dollar inside, and grinned as he heard it clink against the pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters he’d been collecting. Eddie loved his coffee can. He was saving the change for a special occasion, although he didn’t really know what that would be or when it would be. He didn’t care, and he held onto the belief that something important would one day happen.

“That day isn’t today.” He said to himself, “and it probably won’t be tomorrow, either.” Eddie sighed, and lay back against the wall. No sooner had he put his head down on his pack back that Eddie heard a commotion arising from an area nearby. He peeked his head out from the doorway. His eyes widened as he saw two figures viciously struggling with one another. He noticed that one of the figures was a woman, and the other was clearly a man of considerable size. The woman was thrown to the ground and the man quickly took advantage of this and started kicking her. The woman was crying, pleading with the man to stop. Eddie stood up and was about to walk over to help her. He paused.

Happy reading! Until next time, my friends!


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