Poetry for your Sunday

I promised I would post this, and here seems to be the ideal location for a poem. So for your Sunday pleasure, the only poem I am happy with from an ekphrastic day at the Butler. For our soldier girl as she continues her journey.

Tanks and Ribbons

She’s a woman first.

What she is after that is jumbled.
It’s a mess of dresses and uniforms,
t-shirts and high heels,
thick boots and earrings.

She’s a woman first,
but she’s army strong
and feminine soft
and looks like a librarian
when she gets out of classes.

She’s lace and fatigues,
camo and flowers,
layer after layer
of mixed up
messed up

She’s a woman first.
Everything that follows
is just a wreck.

Happy writing, friends. Make sure you’re still thinking and writing on our theme for the upcoming issue of Jenny!



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