Ain’t No Mountain High Enough…

 These words are heavy in my heart, but necessity demands I speak them- or write them I mean. The time has come to say goodbye to someone very dear to us. Our SLAA member, Chantelle, is deploying to Afghanistan on January 3rd. But before she goes I have just a few words and wishes for her!


Being your friend has been one of the most life changing, upside down, amazing, fun-house-mirror adventures I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. When you do leave and I start missing you, my thoughts will wonder to that corner of the brain that contains those memory things. I’ll think of the premiers, dinner at Sarah’s place, going crazy in the computer lab, Brady’s Ladies and so much more. You have helped mold my college years into something special- in ways you don’t even know! We are all very lucky to have someone as talented, generous and kind as you to call a friend.


My wish for you is that you come back safe and soon! Brady’s Ladies won’t be the same while you’re gone, and even though it won’t be terribly long, the absence of our Chantelle will be palpable. I also hope you don’t miss me too too much! I want you not to worry about us, I promise I will look after everyone. Especially Sarah. Actually, she’ll probably be looking after me, but who’s counting? Misty and Moo will be in good hands, hopefully Moo won’t pee on my life. A wise man once said, “The return makes one love the farewell,” I find these words to be true. I know that when you come back, we’ll pick back up exactly where we left off. Until you leave, let’s drink you into a bath tub somewhere.


All my love,



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