For the fun of it

There’s been a lot going on in all our lives. With such a lack of time to write anything new and fun, I’ll leave you with the last poem I wrote this semester. I took the first set of lines from Queen Elizbeth I’s poem”When I was Fair and Young,” and went with it. Many thanks to Dr. Reese for the suggestion, and all my friends here at Jenny and otherwise for the encouragement. You’re all wonderful. It’s been one hell of a semester, of that there is no doubt.

Poem Beginning with a Line from Queen Elizabeth I


Go, go, go seek some other where

importune me no more.


Go, go thoughts and hopes change all my plans,

don’t be like before.


Go family and friends I’m busy right here,

stopping my mind where it’s at.


Away, away, away self-identity, you don’t belong.

I am what I’m told now.


Away, away happy and sad. Every day

from here will be the same.


Away memories of fried ice cream and silly clothes

you are not mine anymore.


No, no, no love, I’m not afraid. I’m not

allowed to feel at all.


No, no time, do not keep passing,

stay there and wait.


No home, don’t forget that I’m gone.

Remember me this round.


Just pause, you wretched clock, hold on

and let my life here stop.




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