I am Domo, Hear Me Roar!

“You should totally put on my Domo costume.”

Those. Those were the last words I heard before I became a local celebrity. Well, sort of.
Pause. Rewind. Are you still with me? Okay, cool.

So, once upon a time, when the moon hung low over Youngstown, and the sound of that car alarm going off on West Federal street nearly perforated my eardrum, I met Dave- again. The “again” just happens to be incidental. But- you know what they say about the second time around!

Now, anyone that knows Dave knows that he knows everyone, ya know? As Dave and I began to hang out more often, I started becoming acquainted with all of his lovely little SLAA buddies. Everybody loved Dave, so I was cool by association. And the fact that I’m dead sexy. Mostly the latter.

Anyways, at first, I really didn’t know what I could do to help this group. I loved what they were doing, I just wasn’t confident in my ability to do pretty much anything. So I stayed on the sidelines, observing. Then something happened that I did not expect.
I was charmed by this group of caring and quick-witted individuals. They loved what they were doing and that, I think, was infectious. (In the good way).

Okay, so fast forward. You remember that Domo I mentioned? Alright, good.

As I’m walking with Leigh Anne in full Domo garb, we get a message to get back into O’Donalds, lest we miss the costume competition. So as I’m running down Federal street, in this ridiculous outfit, I’m thinking about how much of a creep I’m going to look like. Screaming “Get out of the way bitches!” as some old man dives to the side (I apologized and told him I didn’t mean him), I barge into the bar, hands raised, feeling and looking like Hulk Hogan on steroids. The bar erupted into applause and I stood there feeling like a total bad ass. I’m talking like Sons-of-Anarchy bad ass. Needless to say, I won first place and pissed off those girls in the miniskirts.

What The Jenny means to me is limitless, but what I will always love it for the most is leading me down a path to my best friends, and moments like last night. Becoming friends with everyone in the SLAA has been by far one of the best things that I have ever accomplished.

No matter how many fruit tarts you guys force me to make, or how many bottles of wine you make me drink – I stress the word *make*- I will always love and be thankful for each and every one of you. So I’d like to propose a toast to my fellow SLAA members. To us! And to the continued growth and success of The Jenny.
-Drew Kensinger, Official Conductor of Drunk Business and local celebrity.


One response to “I am Domo, Hear Me Roar!”

  1. jennymagazine says :

    Fantastic, really.

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