Welcome to Jenny


“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.”

Henry David Thoreau

I had entered Youngstown State University in the hopes of leaving a seasoned, humble, and — most importantly — a “good” writer. For the first two years of classes and homework, this didn’t happen. I put it off. I swept it under the rug. Sure, I wrote every now and then. But only ideas. Only notes of stories I’ll probably never finish or get back to. Wasted time, essentially.

And then I had a professor — Dr. William Greenway — tell me this:

“Truly, the best writing comes from the writers who live.”

(Note: I’m paraphrasing. And he said this to the entire class, not to me personally. But I like to think he did.)

I needed to experience the world around me in order to become a better writer. And there was no better opportunity than to get involved with the university’s writing community.

That community was named Jenny.

I took an internship position in Jenny and worked with a group of talented writers, artists, and musicians in order to put together the Spring 2012 issue. But working with Jenny was not just about hanging out with other students with similar interests.

It was about Youngstown. It was about the city, the people in it, and experiencing the art that could be created from it.

And so we created the fourth issue of Jenny (which I’m super proud of), and now we’re hard at work on the fifth. I can’t speak for my colleagues and peers, but I feel grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to work on this.

This blog will be for those looking for a bit of extra content during the periods between issues. Be sure to check back every now and then. Check out the “About Jenny” section to learn who we are and what we do (as well as learn how you can contribute to the magazine), and take a look at the magazine and let us know how it is on this blog or our various social networks. We love hearing feedback! Also, be sure to give the various writers and artists who contributed to the issue some love as well. Nothing makes a writer’s day like some praise (or constructive criticism).

Welcome to Jenny.


-Alex Puncekar, Student Literary Arts Association member


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